Opinion: This is how your company’s CEO should be leading you through the coronavirus crisis

‘No amount of money, growth, valuation, or GDP is worth a human life’ Recently, a fellow business owner and friend of mine died of a heart attack. His death was sudden and tragic, and while the [...]

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Opinion: Surviving the coronavirus crash: ‘You make most of your money in a bear market; you just don’t realize it at the time’

Value investing offers a way to weather Mr. Market’s moods With stock prices sinking fast, a client emailed me saying, “Your move, boss.” So here is our move: Especially in this coronavirus [...]


Q2 market update: Recession and bear market

The global response to COVID-19 pushed the economy into recession.   Key takeaways The growing scope of the clampdown on normal activity suggests it’s too soon to forecast the slowdown’s [...]