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Can I open my account in a foreign currency?

Yes. We work in a variety of strong currencies such as: USD, GBP, EUR, YEN, CHF, AUD

Do you provide business or personal loans?

No. We do not provide any loan facilities.

Is there a minimum investment level?

Each financial institution and investment product have their own minimum investment level. In general, people wishing to save money for a medium-long term objective should be able to maintain an investment level of USD 300 per month or currency equivalent. For larger investments designed for shorter periods of time, the minimum investment level is USD 30,000.

How can I deposit money to an international account?

For structured investment plans, you can request that the bank take the money from your debit or credit card, including American Express. However, for larger amounts, the bank would normally require you to make an international transfer.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

Each bank will have their own process for making a withdrawal. However, if you speak to your advisor he/she will be happy to help.

I am an experienced investor, what if I do not wish to use Kempton’s team of advisors?

That is fine. Experienced investors can use Kempton as a way to access higher quality investment options, but the advisor service is optional. If you prefer to manage your money yourself, you are free to do so.

Why should I invest?

By investing you take control over your finances and actively work to make your goals a reality. Whether you are looking to put a down payment on a house, save for your next holiday, send your kids to university or prepare for a fruitful retirement, investing will help you.

This is because investing gives your money the best chance of increasing in value over a period of time.

For example, if you invest $1000 today and your investment makes an annual return of 10% (close to the S&P average annual return of 9.87%), in 10 years’ time your investment will be worth $2,590, in 25 years $10,830 and in 45 years $72,980. The exponential growth on your investment is a result of compound interest, a significant advantage of investing. If you don’t invest that $1000, in 10, 25 and 45 years from now it will most likely be worth less than it is today as a result of inflation.

How can I arrange a meeting with an advisor?


Who decides where my money gets invested?

Each client works together with their Financial Advisor to make sure the investment strategy is aligned with their goals.

Can I invest in socially responsible funds?

Yes. We have a range of socially responsible investment funds available through our strategic partners. Please contact an advisor for more information.

Can I invest in Cryptocurrency?

Yes. Through our strategic partners you can invest in any Cryptocurrency or Crypto Fund.

What kind of asset classes can I invest in?

Through our strategic partners you can invest in any asset class. Whether considering investing in equities, bonds, commodities, funds, ETFs or structured notes, we will find the best platform to suit your needs.

Do you have options with capital protection?

Yes. We have a range of investment options available with Capital Protection, perfect for clients looking to minimize risk.

Can I open a trading account?

No. Although we work with investment platforms that give you the facility to buy and sell any financial instruments, they are normally held within a medium to long term structure.


Are Kempton registered or licensed by any government regulatory body?

As Kempton are purely an advisory company and do not receive client’s money we are not required to be registered by any government agency. However, all the financial institutions we work with are fully regulated and licensed by their corresponding regulatory authority. Kempton’s company registration number in the Isle of Man, UK is: 012379V


Who do I sign a contract with?

Your contract is always directly with the financial institution with whom you choose to work.

Where do I send my money?

Direct to your account with the chosen bank.


I can’t access my online portal, how can I reset my login details?

Please contact your financial advisor, or email our service team at info@kemptonasset.com and we will communicate with your financial institution to help reset your login details.

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